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CineApollo Residence

The ResidenceCineApollo

Located in a truly unique position. It is in fact at the center of a sort of quadrilateral with a few meters the historic center, the commercial one and is almost opposite the University of Messina. It allows you to easily reach both the Court and the Town Hall in a few minutes, as well as the Metropolitan City Palace and the Duomo, the historic buildings of the city, the railway station, the maritime one (hydrofoils and FS ferries).

Each room is an exclusive piece of art because it is inspired by one of those identifiable cinematographic works that have marked the history of Italian cinema. The articulation of the spaces together with the care of every single detail, to the furnishing elements, brings out a peculiar and original narration.

The spaces are such as to give the impression of being in a mini-apartment, because they are large, equipped with all comforts, such as summer / winter air conditioning, flat screen television; minibar; spacious, original and elegant wardrobes; desks to comfortably work. The individual rooms, thanks to the colors, the decorations and the tapestries that furnish it at the same time, provide a warmth that returns warm intimacy.

Single rooms
In a world sometimes dehumanized by technology, here is the proposal for a new humanism. Without demonizing the level of well-being deriving from the indispensable use of current technological tools, the ResidenceCineApollo supports them, and here is the novelty, a cross-section of artistic life that strongly influenced the culture and society, not only of that time but now even today, having transferred illusions, anxieties, fears, hopes always present on the big screen

The corridor begins with a large pizza from which a film unfolds. In each piece of photographic film the images, which walk on the doors or fall at eye level, of some actors who have marked the history of cinema, Marcello Mastroianni, Gasmann, not photos but images of the films of which they have become the icon. You see the image and you recognize the movie. All in black and white.

Alice’s room. The room is decorated with images obtained through a printing process, the oleography, which imitates oil painting. Seductive the suggestion provided by the rotating images that surround guests as a playful circle. It is the claim of the rights of the imagination.